Spring in the Rhine

An Ars Magica 5 campaign set in the Rhine Tribunal. Players will start from scratch building up their covenant in a medium speed saga expected to advance one game year per real world month. The game will use a troupe style play with Alpha and Beta storyguides. The Alpha storyguide will focus primarily on the Order of Hermes political stories plus covenant and character story hooks. Beta story guides are welcome to develop other aspects of the setting or to develop specific Hermetic factions, covenants or Houses within general guidelines.

The game uses all the core rules including errata. While no house rules are intended, if rules are subject to interpretation then every player will get a vote on what they believe the rule means with simple majority rules.

The campaign will start as a low vis saga, approximately 5 vis per PC mage per year, but move up to a moderate vis campaign, 10 vis per PC mage per year, within 10 game years. Saga starts with the party of newly gauntleted magi seeking to found a covenant in the Rhine Tribunal. The campaign starts in Spring 1220, which gives the magi has 5 seasons to choose a covenant location and gather sufficient support from other covenants so that their covenant can be approved in the Summer 1221 Rhine Tribunal.

By the Peripheral Code of the Rhine Tribunal, each new covenant requires a single sponsor from each existing covenant in the Tribunal. PC magi who choose to be from the Rhine Tribunal can presume sponsorship from their parens unless the character has a flaw indicating otherwise (like Tormenting Master).

The Troupe as a whole will choose what they want their future covenant to look like within 10 game years, using the Covenants supplementary rulebook and 300 build points. Each covenant in the Tribunal normally negotiates for the equivalent of a Hook in exchange for their support but also grants the equivalent of a Boon if the covenant is approved. Rhine PC magi can negotiate with their parens on very favourable terms (basically picking a Hook & Boon with mild storyguide recommendations). The other covenant Hooks & Boons will need to be played out.

Characters with Story Flaws can expect one story based on their story flaw within every 10 year timeframe. Minor story flaws should be resolvable in under 10 days while major story flaws should require a season or more to resolve.

Spring in the Rhine

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