Character Creation Guide

If you are looking for help in character creation here is my simple guide. The first step is to figure out what style of character you want to play. I break it down into 4 general styles but a character can be a combination of 2 or more of these styles.

These are the combat effective characters who have high defenses and lethal spells. Their main roles in the covenant are to hunt for vis, and to deal with any story hooks that are best solved by kicking ass.

Typical Houses: Bjornaer, Flambeau, Merinita, Tremere, Tytalus

These are the socially skilled characters who specialize in making deals and exchanging favors. Their main roles in the covenant are to procure resources through negotiations or trade, and to deal with story hooks that are best solved diplomatically.

Typical Houses: Bonisagus (for Magi negotiations), Jerbiton (for Mundane or Divine negotiations), Mercere (for Magi or Mundane negotiations), Merinita (for faerie negotiations), Quaesitor (for Magi negotiations or Infernal investigations), Tremere (for magi negotiations), Tytalus (for screwing up everyone else’s plans)

Lab Rats
These are the characters that rarely leave their labs and achieve very high totals in whatever area they decide to specialize in. Common specialties include making longevity potions, writing books, making magic items, trying to invent spells that break Hermetic limits of magic. Their main roles in the Covenant are expanding the Library, making useful magic items, or inventing useful spells.

Typical Houses: Bonisagus (normally trying for a great magical breakthrough), Verditius (normally make magical items)

These are the characters who do strange things that make other mages scratch their head in bewilderment. While the other mages are striving to be the best at whatever role they fill, weirdos take pride in being totally inefficient and generally useless. Their main role in the Covenant is to provide an air of weirdness generally warping the environment and possibly the covenfolk.

Typical Houses: Bjornaer, Criamon, Ex Miscellanea, Merinita

Based upon the style of character you want your mage to be, read up on the various Houses to determine which one you like best to fit your concept.

Pick a House and a general style and email me a quick blurb on what you are thinking and I can help you flesh out the idea.

Here are the ideas I have heard so far:
Dwayne: Formicus, a Tremere Lab Rat/Weirdo. A Terram specialist capable of providing Covenant Fortifications and Aegis of the Hearth Wards, Formicus might be a typical Lab Rat if he didn’t have a giant magical ant companion that is obsessed with imitating him!

Stu: ?, a Bonisagus Lab Rat/Adventurer. Invent incredibly powerful spells. Use the powerful spells to kill things with magic. Use magic found to invent even more powerful spells. Kill even more powerful beings with more powerful magic. Repeat process.

Tim: ?
Ken: ?

Character Creation Guide

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